Celebrating Halloween with your dog

How to celebrate Halloween with your dog: Dog trick or treating, Dog costumes, dog mom, dog dad

Top 3 ways to celebrate Halloween with your dog

It's that time of year again! The leaves are changing color, the air is getting cooler, and Halloween is just around the corner. For many of us, this holiday is all about dressing up, eating candy, and spending time with family and friends. But what about our furry friends? As a dog mom, I love finding ways to include my pup in all of life's festivities. Dogs can get in on the Halloween fun too! Here are a few ideas for celebrating Halloween with your dog.

1) One fun way to include your dog in the Halloween festivities is to dress them up in a costume. There are all sorts of adorable options available, from hot dogs and bumblebees to pirates and princesses. If you're not sure your dog will tolerate a costume, start by putting it on for just a few minutes at a time. Reward them with treats and praise to help them associate the costume with something positive.

2) Another great way to celebrate Halloween with your dog is to take them trick-or-treating with you. Many neighborhoods are now Dog-Friendly on Halloween night, so it's the perfect opportunity to show off your pup's costume while getting some exercise. Of course, you'll want to make sure your dog is well-behaved before taking them out in public. Bring along some high value rewards like Life Elevated's raw ingredient treats to help keep your pup focused on you! Practice walking calmly on a leash and sitting/staying on cue. This will help make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved. 

3) Finally, don't forget the most important part of Halloween - the treats! While many human snacks are not safe for dogs, there are plenty of canine-friendly options available. You can find doggie versions of all kinds of candy, from peanut butter filled bones to carob dipped pretzels. Or you can stock up on Life Elevated treats and share with the neighborhood crew. Either way, your pup is sure to enjoy their share of the spoils this Halloween! 

From trick or treating, to dressing up, there are plenty of ways to include your pup in the Halloween fun! And don't forget to document it all with lots of pictures - you'll be glad you did when you're looking back on them later. 

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 Happy Howl-o-ween!

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